A personal introduction

At the age of 26, I think I have had a relatively exciting life so far. I have moved countries (twice), I’ve had the chance to visit 4 of the 5 habitable continents, I’ve seen some of my work published and I have had numerous meaningful conversations watching the sun rise. However, the hands-down most exciting adventure I have had so far has been to be a scientist.

I am a cancer biologist who is crossing The Pond after her PhD to pursue a postdoctoral position and continue the bizarre roller coaster ride that is academic science. While it can be an incredibly frustrating life, it is also an incredible way of living. Doing research is the only way left in the modern age to discover something and the only profession in the world where you are always asking questions that literally might never find an answer.

Because I love research so much, I want everyone in the world to love it as much as I do. In the age of the Internet, everyone has access to all the information about everything. Never before have we had so many people interested in science and so much mis-information available to them. Shouting louder than anyone else has become the only qualification needed to influence public opinion. As a scientist, I find all of this distressing and occasionally really funny.

The idea behind this blog is to provide an insight into the world of research in a format that is accessible to anyone who has even the vaguest interest in science. Life as a scientist isn’t just to do with reading, doing and enjoying research. So expect tales of teaching (which I also love possibly more than research itself) and of looking at the world through science-colored glasses. It’s bonkers – I hope you’ll love it.





One thought on “A personal introduction

  1. Love to see your blog. “Because I love research so much, I want everyone in the world to love it as much as I do.”— Exactly what I think…Continue please…


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